How to Get Started with Computer Science

This week is Computer Science Education Week! Learn how to help your students build a foundation in the skills needed for computer science and coding.

The Hearts of Texas

The impact of Hurricane Harvey presented overwhelming challenges for Texas schools, but their response and perseverance has left us all inspired.

Moving Beyond Blocks

Some studies suggest that younger students who start out using block-based coding have a difficult time transitioning to text-based, real-world coding environments.

Cyberbullying Prevention Tips

Share these easy to remember guidelines about cyberbullying with your students to help develop a safer digital world.

5 Myths of Digital Literacy

The relevance of technology in our day-to-day lives has grown exponentially in the past few decades and will only continue to increase in the future, here are 5 myths surrounding digital literacy.

3 Ways to Develop Well-Trained Teachers

Providing teachers with professional development opportunities is crucial to their success in the classroom and the success of the investment that has been made in a new technology curriculum.

Making the Most of Your Curriculum Investment

As a finance guy, I’m consistently tasked with finding the best solution to help save time and money. When it comes to investing for a company there’s one basic rule: get in early and invest your time, money and resources. If the investment starts to go south, stick...

The Importance of Onboarding

Onboarding is essential to success. Use these suggestions to help make your onboarding process is efficient and effective.

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