EasyTech K-12 Keyboarding Program for Students

K-12 typing curriculum, adaptive keyboarding lessons, engaging typing games, and word processing program for students.

EasyTech Adaptive Typing Programs for K-12 Schools

EasyTech’s typing curriculum stands apart from other keyboarding solutions by providing direct instruction, guided practice, applications exercises, and quizzes that adapt to each student’s needs and progress. The adaptive keyboarding component of the curriculum encourages independent practice with grade-appropriate story challenges that are customizable at the individual and class level. Students apply their keyboarding skills as they learn to create, format, edit, publish and share documents.

Why choose EasyTech as your school’s keyboarding instruction for students? Explore what makes our program stand apart from competitors:

Adaptive Keyboarding Program

Adaptive keyboarding helps automatically customize the keyboarding curriculum to each individual student. After completing direct instruction lessons and guided practice exercises, Adaptive Keyboarding measures a students’ existing speed and accuracy and automatically assigns exercises that adapt to individual needs. The modern gamified user interface helps students understand that through developing typing/keyboarding skills, they can open their interconnected world.

Engaging Game Elements

Keyboarding lessons include game-based design elements to improve student engagement, comprehension and retention, and to help make the content more relevant to students. Students move through a series of prescriptive pathways as they are typing and earn badges as they achieve goals and proficiency levels.

A Complete Word Processing Solution

A keyboarding program for students is not complete without opportunities for students to practice and apply skills in creating, editing, publishing, and sharing word processing documents. With the included word processing scope and sequence, K-12 students learn how to create beautiful documents in a variety of word processing software applications and how to best format them for MLA or APA style and citation rules.

Aligned With ISTE Standards for Students

To address the ISTE Standards for Students, EasyTech Word Processing & Keyboarding curriculum for students includes a full scope and sequence of instruction that is flexible for all common implementations or practice at home. Because the instruction is online and available on desktops, laptops, and tablet devices, students can access it anytime and anywhere, to further develop their skills.

Automated Scoring & Reporting

Efficacy in student keyboarding saves teacher valuable time in both classroom and lab settings. The EasyTech keyboarding program for students provides automatic scoring and grading on lessons, visibility of student performance so you can review time spent on practice, speed and accuracy in real-time while evaluating improvement rates and establishing the future direction on students’ instructional needs. Plus, the built-in dashboards help school and district administrators, teachers and student review usage data and increases in competency.

The Importance of Keyboarding Skills in Students

With the rapid advancement of technology, keyboarding has become one of the most important skills in our modern world. Many state assessments now require students—starting as early as third grade—to write online. Yet, many students at this age and older are not yet able to type with the proper technique, or without looking down at the keyboard. In testing, the faster a student can type, the more time they can devote to improving the quality of their response and answering the rest of the exam’s questions.

Typing is a foundational skill that is critical competency for success in school and in the current workplace. And, like all other skills, it improves through practice. No longer limited to the realm of a typewriter, today’s keyboarding impacts multiple areas of use. From writing papers, to entering code to sending online communications, the need to successfully and efficiently use technological tools requires the prerequisite of mastery in keyboarding.

Middle School Age Students Practicing Keyboarding Skills at School