What does it mean to teach digital literacy to today’s students?

Our curriculum covers the 12 essential skills of digital literacy

Everything you need to confidently teach technology skills

We provide educators with the lessons, application exercises, scope and sequence documents, pacing calendars, training, and support services they need to execute a comprehensive K-8 digital literacy program, even if they don’t have prior experience with the subject.

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Prepare your students for success in our digital world

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Equip students with the tech skills they need for success with online assessments.

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Teach students to be good digital citizens, stay safe online, and prevent cyberbullying.

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Provide opportunities for students to learn computational thinking and coding skills.

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Meet technology skill requirements included in state core subject-area standards.

Our content easily integrates with many widely used learning platforms, so teachers can spend more time doing what they love.

  • Google For Education
  • Schoology
  • Canvas
  • Clever
Google, Schoology, Canvas and Clever Logos
Google, Schoology, Canvas and Clever Logos
Google, Schoology, Canvas and Clever Logos

Explore how EasyTech can help you meet your technology instruction goals.

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