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The Comprehensive Suite of Digital Literacy Curriculum

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Modernize learning through effective tech integration in core subject areas
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Empower students with the digital skills needed to succeed in computer-based tests
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Immerse students in computer science and digital citizenship concepts
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Measure growth and efficacy year over year from the student to district level
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Address digital equity with implementation planning and ongoing support

For Over 20 Years,’s Award-Winning Curriculum Has Helped Students Flourish as 21st Century Citizens


EasyTech equips students with digital skills through personalized, collaborative, and integrated instructional planning.
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EasyCode offers more advanced modules that develop students’ coding prowess, sow computer science enthusiasm, and build equity in the field with a more diverse pipeline of students.
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Digital Literacy Assessment

Digital Literacy Assessment aligns with ISTE and gauges student growth annually to ensure efficacy and celebrate progress.
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Implementation Services

Implementation services maximize the curriculum investment with strategic planning and onboarding that engages end users and bolsters the program’s longevity.
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For Education Leaders, the ‘Digital’ in Digital Transformation

  • Scaffolded curriculum developed by experts meaningfully grows students’ skills and paints a sound instructional journey
  • Aligned to state and national standards, including ISTE, CSTA, and the Common Core, the content meets prescriptive requirements
  • Foundational technology skills empower students to succeed in computer-based testing environments
  • Implementation support ensures the curriculum is strategically rolled out and future proofed to achieve the digital vision
  • District and school-wide reporting enables leaders to measure the program’s efficacy and optimize their work

For Educators, the ‘Tech’ in Tech Integration

  • Rooted in learning science, the curriculum leverages tech capabilities to redefine learning
  • Student-led and adaptive content personalizes instruction to make it meaningful and relevant
  • Gamified lessons with immediate feedback engage students and invest them in their growth and skill acquisition
  • Diverse content types easily integrate into core subject areas to make technology foundational to the student experience
  • Student and class-level reporting measures efficacy, reveals opportunities for improvement, and allows for teacher reflection

"These days teachers have to be learners, leaders, facilitators, collaborators and designers—so many hats with so little time! Having as a partner supports teacher needs to have resources at their fingertips!”

Cary Perales, Director of Instructional Technology
Corpus Christi ISD 

"Integrating throughout our district curriculum has helped teachers implement the ISTE, Wisconsin Information & Technology Learning Standards. With’s custom-delivered training and ready-made tools, classrooms are up and running, ensuring meaningful and effective ed tech integration no matter the expertise or stage in technology integration.”

Krisy Bogacz, District Library Media Specialist
Ridgewood Elementary

" provided our district with a focus, a plan, and a curriculum when we were in great need. Our benchmark test results clearly reflect that the K-8 Technology Application TEKS are being taught through the integration of their curriculum. is always expanding to meet the demands placed on education and this has provided our district with great peace of mind.”

Cindy Laird, Technology Director
Nederland Independent School District

“We knew that our state is moving to online testing in grades 3-12. We did not want our students struggling with how to open a tab, how to highlight text, or how to keyboard. We had to get 21st century skills delivered to our students as soon as possible. This curriculum helps level the playing field for all our students.”

Cristen Marceau, Instructional Technology Specialist
Chandler Unified District

“With just a couple of clicks, our teachers can quickly link content to their Google Classrooms. With the curriculum map in hand, digital literacy skills are available for every teacher, for every classroom, and for every student.”

Jeff Alleman, Director of Technology
Alleghany Public Schools

"Our students use their phones on a minute-by-minute basis, but when it came to keyboarding or using a computer for learning and producing content, they were at a loss. was our district’s choice because it gave us an organized, focused, relevant curriculum for our students that we could customize through our learning management system.”

Frank Gallo, Standards Administrator
Mount Vernon City School District

"After many failed attempts at rummaging together a cohesive instructional technology curriculum, we found Our teachers have moved from tears and frustration to happy and successful Instructional Technology educators. Our teachers couldn’t be happier, and our students’ engagement is higher than it has ever been. Thank you!”

Barb Moses, Director of Instructional Technology
Toppenish School District

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