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We’re excited to share that’s EasyTech has won in this year’s Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022 in the Primary Education category.

The awards celebrate the best products in the education technology industry from the last 12 months. EasyTech was judged based on its features, innovation, value and ease of use – and was deemed a standout among its peers!

The Tech & Learning editorial team has shared that the diversity of products and companies continues to grow each year. 

“Judging and finding our winners becomes a tougher decision with each award,” the editors said. “All of our judging is performed by industry experts, meaning those who have impressed and won the award should be truly proud of their achievement.”

EasyTech is a comprehensive building-level and district solution for K-12, that’s aligned with all current major national (ISTE and CSTA) and state standards. The program develops students’ digital literacy, computer science skills and STEM prowess. It’s available by individual content areas or grade bands.

Our library of more than 1,000 learning experiences include classroom lesson plans for teacher-led discussions and hands-on activities, as well as self-paced, online videos, quizzes and games. EasyTech provides flexible, blended learning curriculum for the following areas: Computational Thinking, Presentations, Coding, Spreadsheets & Databases, Computer Fundamentals, Visual Mapping, Word Processing, Multimedia, Online Safety & Digital Citizenship, Internet Usage & Communications and Keyboarding.

Librarians and technology teachers often tell us that prior to getting EasyTech, they had been scrambling to cobble together lessons and free online resources for their students.

“It was a struggle my first year, but then when came along, I was like ‘Hallelujah!’” said Debra Garcia, a technology applications teacher at Kaffie Middle School in Corpus Christi. “ has everything we cover, everything I was searching for online, and more. I love the structure of it, the units, the lesson plans and interactive lessons and discussions.” (Read more.)

EasyTech allows for asynchronous instruction in both traditional and online classroom environments through the platform, as well as integrations with Learning Management Systems (LMSs). The curriculum optimizes learning with hands-on practice and gamified content that culminate in real-world projects.

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Founded in 1999, provides educators with solutions to prepare their students with critical digital skills. Our web-based curriculum for grades K-12 engages students as they learn keyboarding, online safety, applied productivity tools, computational thinking, coding and more.

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