Computational Thinking for Students

Helping students master core technology-aligned problem-solving skills to prepare for future careers.

EasyTech: Computational Thinking Curriculum for Students

Computational thinking is a critical skill for future-ready students. By developing the ability to align problem-solving with technology and focusing on the process as well as the solution, students are poised to communicate, innovate, and problem-solve in a technology-driven world.

Through’s EasyTech curriculum, students engage in lessons and activities that introduce computational thinking skills and offer fun, practical exercises to apply these skills in relevant and challenging ways.

Elementary student on laptop practicing computational thinking skills

What is Computational Thinking?

Computational thinking is the creation of an algorithm, or series of steps, that a person or computer can use to perform a task or solve a problem. It is an approach to problem-solving that involves critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, as well as digital skills to execute the algorithm.

In education, computational thinking helps students break down complex problems, recognize patterns, figure out how the different parts work together, and create an algorithmic solution.

How EasyTech Helps Students Develop Computational Thinking Skills’s EasyTech K-12 digital literacy curriculum includes over 1,000 classroom-ready lessons, activities, interactive games, and videos that help students develop a wide range of technology and computational thinking skills.

EasyTech is built to support each grade band with age-appropriate exercises that build computational thinking skills. Students will collect and analyze resources, think creatively in collaborative environments, conceptualize solutions, and learn introductory skills for applying these solutions in a digital environment.

Why Choose EasyTech?

EasyTech is a comprehensive digital literacy curriculum that teaches everything from keyboarding and computer fundamentals to computational thinking, coding, and virtual robotics. The curriculum is flexible, available by subject or grade band. Read reviews online.

Flexible Curriculum. We know that each teacher’s goals for their classroom may be different. While you may have a higher focus on computational thinking and coding, another teacher may want a higher focus on computer fundamentals or keyboarding skills. EasyTech is customizable by subject and grade band to help you fine-tune the curriculum to fit your classroom’s specific needs.

Easy to Deploy. EasyTech’s lessons come ready to launch and don’t require special training or materials from the instructor. Lessons are also accessible to students with different abilities and can be used on different devices based on your school’s equipment and technological capabilities.

Automated Scoring. Lessons and projects are scored automatically, providing a feedback loop for your students as well as detailed reporting for you. You can see in real-time the progress your students are making, as well as time spent on practice, improvement rates, and more. Our automated scoring system will notify you of students who may need a little extra help as well as an overall view of your classroom’s progress. Built-in dashboards are also available for school and district administrators to review usage data and increases in competency.

One of the best ways to explore EasyTech’s computational thinking curriculum is to try the platform for yourself. Start a free trial today by clicking the button below.