Computer Fundamentals Curriculum for K-12 Students

Engaging students in hands-on lessons to master fundamental computer skills.

About EasyTech Computer Fundamentals Curriculum

EasyTech teaches K-12 students how to master basic computer skills to empower them with technology skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

This computer fundamentals curriculum helps students understand the principles of using a computer. They will understand the different components of a computer, how to navigate the operating system and software applications, and how different tools work together.

Students will also learn how to use computers for practical purposes, including how to determine the right tools and methods to gather, analyze and present information.

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Why Choose EasyTech?

Educational leaders choose EasyTech to teach students computer fundamentals because it is adaptable, engaging and effective.

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Every class is different, and so are every teacher’s goals and priorities. EasyTech’s computer fundamentals program can adapt to the current skill levels of your class as well as your specific goals and guidelines.

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Engaging Lessons

Learning is more effective when it is engaging and hands-on. Our dynamic learning program keeps students engaged in the curriculum while providing plenty of hands-on exercises for computer fundamentals mastery.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

EasyTech’s computer fundamentals curriculum is comprehensive, teaching a wide range of technology skills students will be able to use for the rest of their lives. Each grade band expands age-appropriate knowledge.

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Practical Experience

Students apply fundamental computer skills in real-world exercises that improve skills while reinforcing their importance. Hands-on activities allow students to practice what they’ve learned while applying the skills in practical scenarios.

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Automated Scoring

EasyTech contains robust scoring and reporting tools to help identify progress or areas for improvement. This helps students stay engaged in their progress while providing reporting information to teachers for grading or support.

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We know that the learning environment is changing, with learning tools needing to be accessed in a wide variety of spaces—or even at home in cases of virtual learning. EasyTech works on mobile and desktop devices with an internet connection.

The Importance of Computer Fundamentals Skills in Students

In an increasingly digital world, it’s more important than ever that students master essential computer and technology skills. The skills students learn in computer fundamentals curriculum will be used and built upon for the rest of their lives. 

From writing book reports or term papers to designing PowerPoint presentations, mastering computer fundamentals help ensure digital equity in students. While some students may not have computer practice at home, teaching computer fundamentals in school assures they will have the skills they need to succeed in more advanced grades.

Not only are computer fundamentals crucial for modern learning environments, but they also build critical foundations for skills the child will use in future careers. The majority of jobs today require technology skills. A strong base of skills in these crucial technology skills will help support children in their future careers as well as to provide building blocks for more advanced computer and technology skills.

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