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Setting the Standard for Digital Literacy Success

ISTE, CSTA, Common Core State Standards, and many others provide targets to guide digital literacy programs, curricula and instruction, and professional development. Help ensure your students are hitting their technology skill targets by providing them with a standards-aligned digital literacy curriculum.

Teachers Have a Daily Impact on Students’ Lives

When Teacher Appreciation Week rolls around every year, I can’t help but reminisce about my own teachers. When I think about the educators that made the most impact on me, I reflect on why they were so important. The reason that always comes to mind is the personal...

Take Your Child to Work Day 2018

Last month, took part in the nation-wide Take Your Child to Work Day celebration with a day full fun and excitement around the office.

Finding the Right Keyboarding Solution

Whether you’re building your own keyboarding curriculum, using free resources online or looking to purchase a keyboarding solution, a keyboarding solution should meet these requirements that will provide the most for your students and teachers.

Keyboarding in the 21st Century

As computer-based standardized assessments move into an online arena, the importance of proper keyboarding instruction and teaching sound touch-typing technique has never been more crucial to student success in school, in college, and in future careers.

Around ASCD

Last month, some of the team joined educators from around the globe at the ASCD Empower18 Conference in Boston, MA.

Do You Know Your School Librarian?

The role of the school librarian has evolved due to the changing needs of their customers (students, teachers and administrators); the availability of resources in the libraries they work in; and the advancements of technology. Today’s school librarians are our specialists in information technology.

Common Technology Concepts All Students Need

Careers in technology are no longer limited to engineers and developers. Today’s students need to be prepared for future job skills that require an understanding of technology.

A Roadmap to Digital Literacy: Finding Your Way

Regardless of what phase you are in during implementation of a digital literacy curriculum in your class, school, or district, two elements necessary for success are a vision that guides the implementation and a framework that guides the vision with fidelity towards...

Women in Tech at

Learn more about the amazing group of women in tech working at, and check out some of the distinctive roles they play in developing digital literacy software for K-8 students.

Creating a Safer Internet

As educators, it’s our job to help prepare students with online safety skills that make sense for their age or grade band.

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