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Computer coding is becoming an increasingly popular class for middle and high schools to offer. To date, 41 states have adopted K-12 computer science policies and, according to a 2023 report by, over 57% of public high schools in the U.S. offer foundational computer science. Middle schools are increasingly providing coding and computer science courses, too. 

The growing interest in teaching coding and computer science in school is no surprise given the widespread use of computers in so many aspects of our daily lives. The vast majority of jobs today – 92% according to a recent analysis – require digital skills. And individuals with strong computing or coding skills have stronger earning power.

“Coding is where the high-paying jobs are,” explains Linda Weiner, a teacher at Cutler Bay Middle School in Cutler Bay, Florida.

Each month in Florida, 20,643 computing jobs are open, with an average salary of $99,573, according to Computer skills have become so important that the state provides funding to schools for every student who passes the Python Coding Apprentice exam, a test that validates skills in one of the most popular coding languages used by businesses around the world.

Yet the vast majority of middle and high school teachers don’t have a background in computer science or coding. So, they need a ready-made curriculum that makes it easy to teach coding and practice the skills with real-world coding projects.

“EasyCode is one of the best programs to introduce students to programming and Python, because it’s all-in-one and very easy to use,” says Sean Dennett, a teacher at Murray Middle School in Stuart, Florida.

An interactive, web-based curriculum, EasyCode Pillars helps students learn coding principles by introducing them to the Python coding language. In each lesson, students complete a project through a series of activities that include coding challenges, debugging practice and quizzes. 

“It’s very hard to find a curriculum that teaches students to actually type in the real computer language,” says Alberto Sweeney, a teacher at Bair Middle School in Sunrise, Florida. “EasyCode is so thorough; it does not leave anything out.”

The EasyCode curriculum prepares students to take the Python Coding Apprentice and IT Specialist Certifications. Weiner, Dennett and Sweeney all have their middle school students prepare for the exams, with many of them passing each year.

“Because my students are learning to code, their mindset and outlook has changed,” says Weiner. “They know they can do more with their future.”

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