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In January 2020, I had the good fortune of joining the team at The Customer Success team at is unparalleled in their dedication to customer advocacy. Comprised of former educators, they possess a deep empathy for the daily struggles faced by administrators and teachers, as well as a thorough understanding of the urgency to meet instructional goals. During team meetings, our focus is always on how we can support schools and districts to reach their objectives.


This customer-centric approach is evident in our work directly with schools and districts. In a recent case study interview, a district administrator stated that none of their vendor relationships were as strong as theirs with They cited that most of their other vendors were “call us if you need us” type relationships that did not actively seek to meet their needs or assist with implementation. I am incredibly proud of the work that the Customer Success team has accomplished with this district, and I am thrilled that they have entrusted us with their goals and constraints. This has allowed us to work together strategically and creatively to develop an implementation model that works for both parties, fostering a true partnership.


Developing strong relationships with schools and districts takes time, but it is far more likely when there is mutual trust and respect. Some indicators that we look for to foster successful partnerships include:


  • Openness to collaborate with our team and in-district colleagues. We bring expertise in our field, while educators bring their knowledge of the students and the classroom. Combining these skills can lead to creative implementation models, engaging teacher training, and brainstorming ways to build student engagement.
  • Willingness to share instructional goals, even if they are not fully developed. Goals can change and mature as our partnership progresses, and we will work with schools and districts to ensure that we are helping them meet their objectives. If goals are not yet fully formed, we can work with partners to determine how to measure success in the early stages of our partnership.
  • Commitment to regular communication to ensure that we are on track. If we are not on track, we are happy to course-correct as necessary. Our main goal is to help schools and districts achieve their goals.


At, we want all of our schools and districts to be successful and it is far more enjoyable when we work together as partners to achieve these goals.

Jessica Hall

VP of Customer Success

Jessica is the VP of Customer Success for For the better part of 20 years, she has worked in K-12. Since 2011, she has worked in edtech, helping educators develop and implement thoughtful, technology-integrated instructional programs for their learners.

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