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Hardly anything today in K-12 education looks the same as before March 2020. There was normal, then the new normal. But when we go back to school this fall, we’re not returning to either of those normals. 

We now expect students to proficiently navigate multiple systems and produce texts, digital work products and communications in a variety of digital modes. These skills are now the baseline, and they bring digital literacy to the forefront because what appears to be a student’s academic shortcoming or learning loss, may actually be a gap in digital skills needed to convey their true understanding.

Gearing up for the new(est) normal means recognizing that the traditional school model has shifted significantly, requiring new skills, particularly in digital literacy. What’s more, this newest normal presents often overlooked challenges for both students and teachers. is proud to share this The Learning Counsel paper that gives concrete steps to help educational leaders and teachers:

  • See the issues
  • Identify what to gear up
  • Know how to gear up

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