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Today we celebrate Digital Learning Day (#DLDay), a day sponsored by All4Ed to highlight the digital tools educators use across the country to engage and support students. At, we support this effort by ensuring students are provided with the skills, information and knowledge to navigate digital learning.

Whether consuming or creating digital content, we want our students to be responsible digital citizens. Toward this end, recently hosted a webinar featuring our education partner Common Sense Education and titled, “Digital Citizenship as a Foundation for Computer Science Creators.”

In the webinar, now available to watch on-demand, our presenters highlighted the key digital literacy skills – including digital citizenship, that students need as a foundation for more advanced computer science topics. With now more than 40 states adopting computer science standards in K-12, computer science education is earning more and more focus.

Celebrate Digital Learning Day by diving into more insights on this topic. Watch the full webinar on-demand.

Abby Daniels

Abby Daniels

Sr. Marketing Manager

Abby is a passionate communicator who has worked with leaders of education-centered nonprofits and companies for more than 15 years. She delights in bringing people together to promote social change.

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