PORTLAND, Oregon – (December 4, 2018) Learning.com, a leader in providing digital literacy solutions for grades K-8, announced today its EasyTech solution has been adopted by the Idaho State Department of Education (ISDE) as a comprehensive resource for K-8 Computer Applications and K-8 Computer Science. The adoption begins this school year and continues through December 31, 2024.

EasyTech includes direct instruction, scaffolded application exercises, and a variety of assessment opportunities. It features teacher-led or self-paced interactive, auto-scored instruction on key digital literacy concepts. EasyTech engages student with interactive modules that use real-life situations as they develop essential skills including keyboarding, online safety and digital citizenship, technology applications including spreadsheets and multimedia software, computational thinking, and coding.

To expand on the powerful resources of EasyTech, its companion curricula – Inquiry, EasyCode Foundations and EasyCode Pillars – are also included in the adoption. Inquiry provides a project-based approach to technology instruction using activities in core subject areas. EasyCode Foundations provides real world coding instruction for beginners, and EasyCode Pillars teaches students to code in Python while encouraging a more expansive interest in coding careers.

“For students to be prepared for their future, it’s important they begin building a foundation of computer science and digital literacy skills as early as kindergarten,” said Learning.com CEO, Keith Oelrich. “We are honored to be adopted by the state of Idaho and we are excited to help districts across the state meet their technology instruction goals.”

The ISDE screens potential adoption materials for content, organization, presentation and quality. Instructional materials are approved by the State Board of Education and can be adopted as “comprehensive,” “basic,” “component” or “intervention.” EasyTech was adopted as a “comprehensive” curriculum for K-8 Computer Science and Computer Applications, which means it “consistently meets the focus, coherence, depth and rigor of the Idaho Content Standards with minimal or no need for instructional adaptations and/or supplemental materials.” Learning.com is the only publisher adopted as a comprehensive solution for grades K-5 in either Computer Applications or Computer Science.

About Learning.com

Learning.com is a national leader in providing digital literacy solutions that help prepare students for online assessments, school, college, and their future careers. The company offers a complete digital literacy curriculum for grades K-8 that engages students as they develop critical skills such as keyboarding, online safety, technology applications, computational thinking, and coding. Founded in 1999, Learning.com currently partners with one in six U.S. school districts and serves more than 4 million students each year.