Bridge the Digital Skills Gap with EasyTech

Cultivate digital literacy that increases the capacity to learn and ensures readiness for all students at your school or district.


EasyTech is a K-8 solution delivered through the curriculum platform, as well as integrations with Google Classroom and other LMSs.

The curriculum features scaffolded, computer-based lessons reinforced with activities, discussions, and quizzes that grow students’ digital skill set year over year so they graduate future ready.

Throughout the curriculum, students learn to create with technology, to be empowered users, and to harness technological advances to shape how they learn, live, and work.

EasyTech Content Areas

EasyTech’s award-winning curriculum sequence consists of eleven content areas, each focusing on honing a critical skill alongside other 21st-century and problem-solving competencies. EasyTech is available as a comprehensive solution or by individual content areas, which you can explore below as they become available.

What Makes EasyTech Different

High-Quality Curriculum Vetted by Experts

Deploy curriculum that is developed by educators specializing in instructional design and technology integration and that received the ISTE Seal of Alignment.

Align to ISTE, CSTA, and state technology and digital literacy standards, and help students meet core standards with embedded technology practice.

Comprehensive Instructional Resources

Save valuable planning time with pre-built pacing calendars, detailed scope and sequences, and digital lesson plans.

Empower teachers with in-depth support materials so they don’t need prior experience with the content, feel confident integrating it in class, and can even learn alongside students.

Built to Measure Growth

Leverage adaptive content that guides students based on performance through corrective, personalized activities and pre- and post-tests to identify where support is needed.

Measure student performance at an individual, classroom, and district level and gauge growth with year-over-year reporting.

Purposeful Technology Integration

Engage students in their learning process with interactive and gamified lessons that provide immediate feedback.

Enhance the learning experience with collaborative plugged and unplugged activities that offer opportunities for authentic, hands-on practice with the material.

Edinburg CISD is selective in ensuring we give our students and staff the best quality education possible… provides us with the support we need to ensure our successes continue to happen in our district.

Gina Alamia, Technology Integration Specialist
Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District
Edinburg, Texas

After many failed attempts at rummaging together a cohesive instructional technology curriculum, we found EasyTech and It is a one-stop shop for Digital Citizenship, Keyboarding, Productivity Tools, Coding and so much more. It is linked to the Common Core and a Scope and Sequence is provided for novice teachers to follow. Our teachers have moved from tears and frustration to happy and successful Instructional Technology educators. Our teachers couldn’t be happier and our students’ engagement is higher than it has ever been. Thank you!

Barb Moses, Director of Instructional Technology
Toppenish School District
Toppenish, Washington

With EasyTech’s curriculum map in hand, digital literacy skills are available for every teacher, for every classroom, and for every student.

David Chavez, Jeff Alleman
Alleghany County Public Schools
Alleghany County, Virginia

The Comprehensive Solution for Future Readiness

Compliant and Secure

Meet FERPA requirements with a secure platform that protects student data.

Instructional Equity

Foster equitable access to learning and long-term program sustainability with implementation planning and support.

Classroom Efficiency

Streamline classroom management with auto-grading, gradebooks, dashboards, and LMS integration.

Dynamic Efficacy Reporting

Gauge efficacy factors like alignment, skill development, usage, and performance over time in the platform’s reporting suite.

Supportive of All Learners

Optimize instruction for the diverse needs of learners with accommodations like adjustable speed, closed captioning, audio instruction, and Spanish translation.

Cross-Curricular Integration

Maximize instructional time with easy integration in core classes, unplugged alternatives, and blended learning options.

An example screenshot of our Inquiry solution

Our Inquiry Solution:

  • Includes six projects per grade level; two in ELA, two in math, and one each in science and social studies
  • Helps students learn about productivity tools, internet research, multimedia presentations, and online communication
  • Identifies skill gaps with built-in pre-tests that assess the digital literacy skills needed to successfully complete each project
  • Auto-assigns lessons to address gaps and ensure students have the skills needed for projects
  • Provides opportunities for students to evaluate and comment on their learning experience with project reflections

Break down barriers to future readiness for your students.

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