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Build students digital skillset with a scaffolded technology program that includes:

  • Interactive lessons
  • Application exercises
  • Discussions
  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Pre- and post-tests
  • Reflections

Keyboarding and Computer Fundamentals

Technology Apps, Multimedia and Presentations

Computational Thinking and Coding

Online Safety, Digital Citizenship and Internet Usage


Engaging and Personalized Learning Experience
  • Gamified content rewards student learning to promote positive feelings and associations. 
  • Friendly characters give immediate feedback that motivates students to try again if they answer prompts incorrectly during the lesson. 
  • Adaptive lessons guide students based on performance through corrective, personalized activities. 
Supportive of All Learners
  • Interactive content is designed using science of learning principles to optimize instruction for all learning styles. 
  • Adjustable speed, closed captioning, and audio instruction accommodate all students. 
  • Lessons in both English and Spanish support English language learners. 
Built for Measuring Growth and Efficacy
  • Reporting features dynamically track progress toward meeting national and state standards at a student, classroom, or district level. 
  • Pre- and post-tests for units identify gaps and assess growth for valuable instructional feedback – designed to be completed in under 10 minutes.
Aligned to State and National Standards
  • Blended technology practice in core curriculum maximizes instructional time. 
  • Curriculum meets CSTA standards and was awarded an ISTE seal of alignment. 
  • Exercises focus on real-life applications of core skills with technology. 
Organized for Classroom Efficiency
  • Teachers develop their own skills alongside students with no prior knowledge of technology required. 
  • Auto-grading, gradebooks, and dashboards help teachers monitor student performance. 
  • Seamless integration with LMS platforms streamlines classroom management. 
  • Pre-built pacing calendars and lesson plans speed up curriculum planning. 
Compliant and Secure
  • Student data is protected and secure ensuring alignment to FERPA requirements. 
  • Online safety curriculum satisfies eRate funding requirements

EasyTech helps educators

Teach students to stay safe on social media, assess the credibility of online sources, and discourage cyberbullying.

Introduce students to computer science, computational thinking, and coding.

Comply with technology, state, and national standards including those embedded within core curriculum standards.

Equip students with the technology skills needed for success with online assessments.

Ensure they are giving students equitable access to quality digital literacy instruction.

Get the most out of your school or district’s investment in education technology.

An example screenshot of our Inquiry solution

Our Inquiry Solution:

  • Includes six projects per grade level; two in ELA, two in math, and one each in science and social studies
  • Helps students learn about productivity tools, internet research, multimedia presentations, and online communication
  • Identifies skill gaps with built-in pre-tests that assess the digital literacy skills needed to successfully complete each project
  • Auto-assigns lessons to address gaps and ensure students have the skills needed for projects
  • Provides opportunities for students to evaluate and comment on their learning experience with project reflections

Explore how EasyTech can help you meet your technology instruction goals.

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