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On October 6, 2022, sponsored the EdWeek webinar, “Computer Science Education Movement Gathers Momentum – How Should Schools React.” Computer science has been a topic near and dear to what we do at for over 20 years – preparing students for success in a digital world. With over 40 states and counting having adopted state computer science standards, this field of study is increasingly prevalent in K-12 education.

In the webinar, now available on-demand, EdWeek Assistant Editor Alyson Klein moderated a panel of experts in the field of K-12 computer science education. Representing Chicago Public Schools, Pritzker Tech Talent Labs Discovery Partners Institute, and Louden County Public Schools, the panelists shared their insights on this critical topic. All agreed:

  • Start early: Introducing computer science lessons at the elementary school level sets students up for success in middle and high school.
  • Make it widely available: Access is key to making computer science coursework accessible to all students, not just a select few.

To dive into these insights and more, watch the full webinar on-demand.

edweek webinar on-demand

Abby Daniels

Abby Daniels

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