Applied Learning uses applied learning best practices in our EasyTech and EasyCode programs to strengthen engagement, performance, & retention.

Using Applied Learning to Strengthen Skills

Applied learning refers to an educational approach in which students apply skills and theories in hands-on or real-world settings. Not only does this help to strengthen retention in learning, but it also helps increase engagement, application of skills, and promote success in any learning environment.

  • Improve Information Retention. Studies show that students who engage in hands-on learning are more likely to succeed in a course than students who don’t. In contrast to traditional lecture-style, or “teach and tell” approach, applied learning offers opportunities for students to engage with the curriculum in a more active, and ultimately more memorable, way.
  • Increase Engagement. Applied learning offers more hands-on, experiential opportunities that allow students to connect with and enjoy what they learn. One of the top reasons students struggle in school is because they are bored. Applied learning engages students in the curriculum, providing opportunities to practice and master skills in more active, hands-on ways.
  • Improve Skill Application. Applied learning not only offers additional opportunities to practice new skills, but also offers real-world examples in which to apply those skills. For students who regularly wonder “why does this matter?” hands-on activities provide a natural answer. This helps the student not only better connect with the skills and theories being learned, but also helps to present a connection to how they might apply these skills later in the real world.
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How Implements Applied Learning in Our Programs strengthens learning in our EasyTech and EasyCode programs by intentional applied learning opportunities. This includes hands-on practice in each of our lessons, gamified learning experience, and real-world projects.

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Hands-On Practice

One of the primary ways offers applied learning opportunities in our programs is through hands-on practice. Students will receive opportunities to apply new skills such as keyboarding, block-based coding, or computational thinking in real-world applications.

For instance, students will practice creating documents in word processing programs to master keyboarding and digital literacy skills. They will use scaled virtual robotics exercises to apply coding skills to build and control virtual robotics. They will also get opportunities to apply technical and computational thinking skills as they participate in game design or create multimedia presentations.

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Gamified Learning Environment

Students receive the opportunity to practice and test their skills in a gamified environment. Students select an avatar and move along a pathway offering challenges and exercises that earn them stars and rewards. Each of these challenges contains applied learning exercises relating to the curriculum they’ve completed to date. Students will engage in problem-solving skills and draw from their growing reservoir of skills and theories, helping to strengthen their understanding and retention of the curriculum in a fun and engaging environment.

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Real-World Projects

Students are able to demonstrate new knowledge through comprehensive, real-world projects in the classroom. These projects encourage students to combine multiple skills and theories to complete a project relevant to real-world applications. Not only does this help to strengthen new skills by providing additional practice, but it also strengthens engagement and skill application. Students will be supported along their journey from beginning to completion, but will be challenged to think critically to determine which new skills are most applicable where–and to discover the most effective way to apply them.

These projects are fun and engaging, helping students to become more excited about their new skills and knowledge while strengthening the connection between what they are learning and how it applies to the real world.

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