Spreadsheets and Databases Curriculum for K-8

Deepen data literacy so students can read, analyze, present, and access real-world information with spreadsheets and databases.

Data Collection, Analysis, and Visualization with Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets Basics

Identify and explain terms and concepts related to spreadsheets, such as cell, column, row, values, labels, and chart graph.

Data Collection & Synthesis

Facilitate the collection and analysis of information with formatting features, data entry tools, and computational functions and formulas.

Data Analysis

Collect real-world data and analyze the results to draw conclusions, recognize patterns and relationships, and make predictions.

Data Visualization

Create data visualizations for specific audiences and purposes by assessing the most appropriate type of chart to represent given data.

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Data Storage, Organization, and Access with Databases

Screenshot of the Learning.com word processing instructional solution.
Database Basics

Plan, create, modify, and edit fields and records in a database.

Data Filtering

Apply search strategies for locating and retrieving electronic information in common databases, such as using Boolean logic and filters.

Data Reporting

Use the sort, filter, and query tools to produce reports to share and analyze information.

Real-Life Databases

Identify and navigate common examples of databases from everyday life like library catalogs, school records, contact directories, and search directories.

Curriculum Elements

Delivered through Learning.com’s award-winning platform, the curriculum features interactive digital lessons, scaffolded projects, and dynamic progress monitoring.


Individualized digital videos with an interactive and gamified interface

Application Exercises

Hands-on and collaborative learning opportunities with unplugged modifications


Guided conversations to help students practice communication and articulate their understanding of the content

Skills Checks

Pre and post grade-level tests designed to capture student growth


Formative check-ins to inform instructional decisions

"Tech Apps skills are important. These are life skills. If we fail to teach our students these skills we are failing to prepare them for life. Plus the law requires it! Learning.com makes it super easy for us to teach the Tech App skills that they need at the appropriate level."

Lisa Kulka, Coordinator of Libraries and Instructional Materials
Harlandale ISD
San Antonio, Texas

For Education Leaders, the ‘Digital’ in Digital Transformation

  • Scaffolded curriculum developed by experts meaningfully grows students’ skills and paints a sound instructional journey

  • Aligned to state and national standards, including ISTE, CSTA, and the Common Core, the content meets prescriptive requirements

  • Foundational technology skills empower students to succeed in computer-based testing environments

  • Implementation support ensures the curriculum is strategically rolled out and future proofed to achieve the digital vision

  • District and school-wide reporting enables leaders to measure the program’s efficacy and optimize their work

For Educators, the ‘Tech’ in Tech Integration

  • Rooted in learning science, the curriculum leverages tech capabilities to redefine learning
  • Student-led and adaptive content personalizes instruction to make it meaningful and relevant
  • Gamified lessons with immediate feedback engage students and invest them in their growth and skill acquisition
  • Diverse content types easily integrate into core subject areas to make technology foundational to the student experience
  • Student and class-level reporting measures efficacy, reveals opportunities for improvement, and allows for teacher reflection

Break down barriers to future readiness for your students.

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