A comprehensive, web-based digital literacy curriculum.

Engage students, from kindergarten through eighth grade, with interactive modules that use real-life situations to help them develop and master critical technology skills such as:

Keyboarding and Computer Fundamentals

Online Safety, Digital Citizenship and Internet Usage

Technology Apps, Multimedia and Presentations

Computational Thinking and Coding

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EasyTech Features

  • Direct instruction, scaffolded application exercises and a variety of assessment opportunities
  • Teacher-led or self-paced interactive, auto-scored instruction on key technology skills
  • Embedded simulations for students to demonstrate and practice new knowledge
  • Adaptive curriculum that prescribes exercises based on individual student challenges
  • Project-based, collaborative technology activities for core classroom instruction
  • Gamified activities that provide students with immediate feedback
  • Management tools for educators to measure growth, outcomes and usage data

EasyTech helps educators

Teach students to stay safe on social media, assess the credibility of online sources, and discourage cyberbullying.

Introduce students to computer science, computational thinking, and coding.

Comply with technology, state, and national standards including those embedded within core curriculum standards.

Equip students with the technology skills needed for success with online assessments.

Ensure they are giving students equitable access to quality digital literacy instruction.

Get the most out of your school or district’s investment in education technology.

Explore how EasyTech can help you meet your technology instruction goals.

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