Learning.com Curriculum Content Areas

Explore Learning.com’s curriculum by content area, each of which develops students’ digital, computer science, and STEM skills.

Transform Students into Digital Problem Solvers, Empowered Technology Users, and Virtual Creators

Digital Skills

Future readiness starts with foundational digital skills that enable students to become nimble, proficient, and digitally literate technology users.

Computer Science

Hands-on and authentic practice with computational thinking, coding, and robotics distinguishes students and equips them with the higher-order thinking skills needed to use technology as a tool to create.


Interdisciplinary learning experiences offer students hands-on opportunities to apply STEM skills through authentic, student-led projects.

21st-Century Skills

Through instruction designed to foster creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, students transform into adept and capable problem-solvers.

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Learning.com Curriculum Overview

Learning.com’s curriculum content areas develop student proficiency in critical skill areas.

Curriculum by Content Area

Computer Fundamentals

With a foundational understanding of computer operations, students learn to harness technology as a tool to create, problem solve, and collaborate with others.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Computing Basics
  • Responsible Usage
  • Data Storage
  • Networks & Collaboration
  • Empowered Learning

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Students develop a foundation for effective technology use by learning to type with our state-of-the-art Adaptive Keyboarding application, which delivers personalized keyboarding instruction for students.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Keyboard Layout
  • Ergonomic Strategies
  • Keyboarding Proficiency

“Students are loving the Adaptive Keyboarding. The excitement in their voices and eyes when the reach level 2, 3, 4 and 5 is apparent.” Kendall Binder, Library Services Director, Westerly Creek Elementary

Learn more about our keyboarding curriculum ⟶

Online Safety & Digital Citizenship

Students model safe, ethical, and legal behavior online and recognize the rights and responsibilities for living in a digital world.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Digital Footprint & Identity
  • Online Privacy
  • Digital Wellness
  • Cyberbullying & Safety

“We like to call it our ‘one-stop-shop.’ We know that our students are learning state-mandated Internet safety protocols, anti-bullying behaviors, and social media etiquette, along with keyboard fluency and coding which are student favorites. Learning.com is always expanding to meet the demands placed on education and this has provided our district with great peace of mind.” Cindy Laird, Technology Director, Nederland Independent School District

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Internet Usage & Communications

Students use the internet to gather information, foster collaborative learning experiences, and create and share digital media.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Online Communication
  • Creative Credit & Copyright
  • Online Collaboration
  • Digital Media Creation
  • Online Research

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Word Processing

Students use word processing software for online document creation, design, editing, collaboration, and problem-solving.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Word Processing Basics
  • Visual Design
  • Editing & Review
  • Empowered Learning
  • Tech-Enhanced Problem Solving

“It has been a great pleasure for me and my students to use Learning.com! The program has impacted our students in so many wonderful ways. My Sixth Grade Team informed me that your lesson on MLA format really helped improve our students’ 6thGrade Writing Assessment. Your lessons are engaging, individualized, and help me so much in compiling grades easily and accurately.” Daniel Brehony, Media Specialist, Higley Unified School District

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Spreadsheets & Databases

Students deepen data literacy by learning to read, analyze, present, and access real-world information with spreadsheets and databases.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Spreadsheets Basics
  • Data Collection & Synthesis
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization

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Students employ analytical and design skills to synthesize information in well-formatted presentations that convey meaning, engage audiences, and enhance the speaker’s message.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Presentations Basics
  • Visual Formatting
  • Multimedia Design
  • Critical Review

“Learning.com has been a great partnership for Nederland ISD. They provided our district with a focus, a plan, and a curriculum when we were in great need. Our 8th-grade benchmark test results clearly reflect that the K-8 Technology Application TEKS are being taught and met at all levels through the integration of their curriculum.” Cindy Laird, Technology Director, Nederland Independent School District

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Students communicate ideas visually and graphically, apply design strategies, and use appropriate digital tools and applications to create multimedia works.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Multimedia Basics
  • Design Principles
  • Multimedia Creation
  • Media Codes & Language
  • Video Creation

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Visual Mapping

Students solve problems, process information, construct understanding, and articulate ideas and concepts with visual mapping skills.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Visual Mapping Basics
  • Research & Information Gathering
  • Communication & Presentation
  • Problem Solving

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Computational Thinking

Students become adept problem solvers equipped with foundational computer science, digital, and 21st-century skills.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Higher-Order Thinking
  • Metacognition
  • Algorithmic Thinking
  • Social & Emotional Learning

“Learning.com is helping our district be future-focused and helping prepare our students for future success! Learning.com provides integrated lessons to provide students with opportunities to connect to the real world.” Cary Perales, Director of Instructional Technology, Corpus Christi Independent School District

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Students build career-ready coding skills and become digital makers, problem solvers, and agents of their learning.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • Critical & Algorithmic Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Text-Based Coding
  • Social & Emotional Learning

“Donna ISD is now branded as “The District” to Aspire to BE. Aspire to LEAD. Aspire to SUCCEED with Learning.com.” David Chavez, Technology Director, Donna Independent School District

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Cyber Robotics

Students develop STEM skills in an inclusive and engaging virtual environment.

The curriculum covers topics and skills including:

  • STEM
  • 21st-Century Skills
  • Computational Thinking
  • Coding

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Curriculum Elements

Delivered through Learning.com’s award-winning platform, the curriculum features interactive digital lessons, scaffolded projects, and dynamic progress monitoring.

Interactive Lessons

Individualized digital videos with an interactive and gamified interface

Application Exercises

Hands-on and collaborative learning opportunities with unplugged modifications


Guided conversations to help students practice communication and articulate their understanding of the content

Guided Practices
Hands-on practice sessions that guide students as they apply lesson content
Skills Checks

Pre and post grade-level tests designed to capture student growth


Formative check-ins to inform instructional decisions

Learning.com Curriculum Solutions

For a comprehensive curriculum, Learning.com solutions feature scaffolded curriculum that grows student skills year over year and equip them with a critical skill set for future readiness.

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Digital Literacy for K-12

Cultivate digital literacy that increases the capacity to learn and ensures readiness for all students at your school or district.

Learn more about EasyTech 

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Coding & Computational Thinking for K-12

With practice in block and text-based programming languages, students build career-ready coding and problem-solving skills.

Learn more about EasyCode

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Computer Science for Middle School

Empower students with a rigorous computer science curriculum that develops digital, problem-solving, and programming skill sets.

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Break down barriers to future readiness for your students.