Georgetown Independent School District

Texas District Uses Inquiry to Blend Technology Skills and Curriculum

Georgetown ISD was an early adopter of technology in the classroom, but many of its 17 campuses had yet to integrate the technology into everyday instruction, and students were learning technology skills in isolation from real-life applications. In their quest to have students transition into using the computer as a tool to learn core subjects, the district’s administration turned to’s Inquiry.

The Technology Department worked closely with the Curriculum Department to place Inquiry projects throughout the year, in a way that fit naturally with teachers’ existing lesson plans. Inquiry’s TA-TEKS alignment is helping the district easily meet that state requirement for technology instruction and the project-based lessons have resulted in more engaged and excited students.

“We’ve been striving for years to write lessons that would align with the technology TEKS, but it was a lengthy process. Inquiry does that work for us so we can just plug it into a teacher’s already-done lesson.”

District Name:
Georgetown Independent School District

District Size:
10,000 Students

Georgetown, Texas

Solutions Utilized:

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