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2022 has been an exciting year at! We served content to more students this year than ever before, reaching around 1.5 million students with 50 million content launches! We work with schools in every state of the nation and this year even welcomed a few new international schools to the family. It is motivating for everyone at to be part of something that makes real impact to the lives of students.

Where we’ve been:

For the 22/23 school year, we released all new grade-specific Online Safety modules for kindergarten, first, and second grade as well as four additional lessons in Computer Fundamentals. Our newest videos crank up the fun and engagement level for the youngest students.

Our creative team raised the bar on character development and interesting story arcs to help increase effectiveness of the learning process. It is entertaining to watch our characters, Rocki, Pearl, Truman, Poppy, and Ollie as they explore Tech Grove and bring the instructional content to life.

We also made some improvements for educators in our Teacher Center. This year brought the ability to import student scores from other classes to support student migration and teacher changes, student group management to help with differentiation, enhanced navigation, and reporting for our Tech Quest feature, and improved multi-class assignment capability to reduce setup work.

One of my favorite things about the 22/23 school year is the widescale return to in-person opportunities. While we developed great virtual capabilities as a nation these past few years, nothing can fully replace the human connection that comes with being face-to-face. It was great to see many of you at national and regional conferences, and for our team to be able to visit schools and meet with users in-person again.

I joined one such visit this October to districts across Texas. We were able to sit in on classrooms actively using In one of the classes, as we walked around observing, a young gentleman stopped me to ask whether I made the videos. I told him I did not personally, but that my amazing team did. He had plenty to say, and we chatted for a several minutes. Toward the end, I asked him if he could wave a magic wand, what would he want us to make different? As kids can sometimes do, he took the question literally and answered: “You know what you should do? Make it so there isn’t cyberbullying.” I wish that I could, little sir.

Where we’re going:

As we look forward to the 23/24 school year, we have exciting improvements that will make things easier for educators and create new learning opportunities for students.

  • New Data Science content, to teach students about what data is, how to collect it, and how to show it visually to tell a story
  • New typing games for K-2 students to practice motor skills, letter recognition, and keyboard locations
  • New courses in EasyCode around JavaScript and web development
  • Additional reporting capabilities to provide more of the data educators need

There will also be an array of minor enhancements for next Fall along with some additional surprises up our sleeve!

It has been a true privilege to be a small part of you and your student’s lives this year. A happy holiday season to all and hope to see you in the new year!

Logan Rhodehamel

VP of Product Development

Logan has worked in the software development field for over 24 years, with experience in public, private and non-profit sectors. Logan oversees the development and UX teams at, guided by his strong belief in design-thinking, Agile processes and servant leadership, with the goal of creating and delivering great products that help students succeed.

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