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Today is Digital Learning Day. At we are honored to join the many other organizations around the country that are recognizing this powerful opportunity to highlight great teaching practice and showcase innovative teachers, leaders and instructional technology programs that are improving student outcomes.

Digital learning has gained remarkable momentum in recent years. An MDR report issued in October 2015 revealed that 90 percent of teachers are using some form of digital instructional materials in the classroom. Digital learning provides many important benefits that are driving its acceleration in K-12 education:

  • Access – online access brings learning opportunities to students who otherwise may not be served due to schedule conflicts, teacher shortages, health issues or other challenges.
  • Increased student engagement—digital learning tools provide interactive, engaging experiences for learners.
  • College and career readiness development—online work and group collaboration is a key component of today’s workplace, and digital learning helps to develop those skills in learners.
  • Personalization—digital learning helps districts move toward the goal of providing a personalized learning experience for each student, tailored to each student’s skills, interests, reading levels, and learning styles.

This perfect storm is driving the shift to digital in classrooms, schools and districts around the country.

According to the Digital Learning Day website: “Digital Learning Day was started as a way to actively spread innovative practices and ensure that all youth have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities no matter where they live.”

At, we are committed to ensuring that students are prepared to thrive in digital learning environments and graduate prepared for success in our global economy. Since 1999, we have been partnering with schools and districts to help students, teachers, and schools excel in a digital world. With our digital learning solutions, more than 20 percent of school districts around the country equip their students with the technology and 21st century skills needed for success with online assessments, college, and the workforce. Our digital content tools help districts build and share custom digital curriculum helping them meet their instructional goals, facilitate personalized learning, and address budget challenges.

At, we celebrate Digital Learning Day today and every day as we work with innovative, dedicated educators who are championing the shift to digital in their schools and districts.

Keith Oelrich with looking at camera and smiling

Keith Oelrich


Keith Oelrich joined as CEO in 2012. A pioneer in the K-12 online education market since 2000, Keith has served as CEO of several companies which have collectively provided K-12 online education programs to thousands of districts, tens of thousands of schools and millions of students and their families.

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