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We are always listening to our customers and taking their feedback and suggestions to make continuous improvements to’s products. Recently, we implemented a number of new product releases in EasyTech, including updated content and enhancements to our Teacher Center Gradebook feature. Here’s a closer look at what’s new and different:

Enhanced Teacher Center Gradebook

The gradebook is a frequently used resource within the Teacher Center. Based on user feedback and specific requests, we have made enhancements that are designed to save teachers time and increase their flexibility within the gradebook.

  • Change grade displays. We upgraded the way grades display so you will now see them as a percentage score or as X/Y (X points out of Y total possible points).
  • Change or excuse scores. You can now add a manual score or excuse a student from completing a specific item in the gradebook.
  • Pop-up details. You can now click (instead of hovering) over a grade to see the title, type, and actions available to you – such as to excuse or manually edit the score.

Expanded gradebook features.

Expanded EasyTech Content 

We are constantly refreshing and expanding the content in our library of learning experiences. Check out the following recent releases:

  • Pre-k/Kindergarten: Expanded kindergarten and pre-k content in IT Fundamentals as well as Online Safety and Digital Citizenship.
  • 3rd grade: Additional Spanish-language content in Online Safety and Digital Citizenship.

Plus, we have new content in Online Safety and Digital Citizenship for 1st grade coming this winter – stay tuned!

We wouldn’t be able to make these ongoing improvements and additions without the valuable feedback of our customers. If you have suggestions or ideas, please reach out to us at

Visit our Online Training Center to learn more about these and other program features for educators.

Jessica Hall

VP of Customer Success

Jessica is the VP of Customer Success for For the better part of 20 years, she has worked in K-12. Since 2011, she has worked in edtech, helping educators develop and implement thoughtful, technology-integrated instructional programs for their learners.

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