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McDowell County Schools is a K-12 district in rural West Virginia. When Joey Norris, Coordinator of Technology Integration for MCS, grew up in the area, the community thrived on coal mining. But today, more than a quarter of the county’s 20,000 residents live in poverty. Like districts throughout the state, MCS strives to equip students with future-ready digital skills to succeed in technology-based businesses that are moving into West Virginia, like Amazon.

“You can’t begin to quantify the way technology has changed the world, and it’s not going to stop. It’s the world our students are going to live in – they have to have technology skills to succeed.”

– Joey Norris, Coordinator of Technology Integration

Norris brought’s EasyTech K-12 digital literacy curriculum to the district in 2020, and now all MCS K-8 students rely on EasyTech to aid in their CIPA compliance, as well as to develop keyboarding fluency and computer science skills necessary for school, college and career readiness. Learn more about how their implementation impacted students and teachers in the district:

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