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Houston Independent School District is the 8th largest district in the U.S. and the largest in Texas. As technology became more thoroughly integrated into education in recent years, the district decided to raise awareness and increase implementation of’s EasyTech K-12 digital literacy curriculum.

“Our philosophy is this: technology when it’s necessary and effective, and when it engages the learning environment. The pandemic showed us that parents, especially, expect technology that allows students to interact, create and modify – and provides that.”

—  Adrian Acosta, Officer, Academic Instructional Technology

Currently, 82% of HISD K-8 students actively use EasyTech, and in 2022-23 alone, students launched over 4.5 million lessons on digital citizenship, online safety, and additional technology applications. Teachers say students are becoming more proficient, fluent and fast with their typing — and that growing confidence with technology positively affects learning outcomes in core subjects, too.

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