TechLiteracy Assessment: Measure Student Understanding of Technology Concepts and Skills

Teachers can pinpoint students' technology challenges.

Elementary and middle school assessments provide accurate data on students' technology skills. Analyze the data you need to meet accountability requirements and identify teaching strategies to help students improve.

TechLiteracy Assessment helps districts assess word processing, spreadsheet, database, telecommunications, and other critical technology skills.

Get accurate data on student skills with interactive, performance-based and multiple choice questions.

Meet technology accountability requirements and identify improvement areas with reports at the district, school, class, and student levels.

Give teachers the data they need to provide effective technology instruction and improve student learning.

Standards Alignment

TechLiteracy Assessment measures the Digital Citizenship and Technology Operations and Concepts strands of the ISTE Standards for Students. It assesses students' foundational technology skills including word processing, databases, multimedia, presentations, Internet use, computer fundamentals, and online safety.


TechLiteracy Assessment provides automatic proficiency reports at the student, class, school, and district levels. The reports show comparative student, class, school, district, and national data along the skill categories assessed.

Questions Assess a Student's Technology Literacy

TechLiteracy Assessment tests offer two types of questions for students to demonstrate their technology literacy skills and knowledge.

Performance-based Questions Assess Skills with Technology Applications and Tasks

Students authentically demonstrate that they can navigate within spreadsheet, word processor, database, browser, and presentation applications, and perform complex tasks.

Multiple Choice Questions Assess Knowledge of Technology Concepts

TechLiteracy Assessment uses two types of multiple choice questions: graphical and text-based.

TechLiteracy Assessment is available for elementary and middle school students

Click on the link below to view a set of sample performance-based and multiple choice questions that represent the types of questions and tasks to which students will respond.

Click Here to view sample items from the elementary school version of the Tech Literacy Assessment

Click Here to view sample items from the middle school version of the Tech Literacy Assessment.

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TechLiteracy Assessment has everything I want in a technology skills assessment tool and more. The pre-assessment, individualized or group prescriptive lessons, post-assessment, reporting features, and friendly customer support are all reasons has proven its worth to my district.
Guillermo A. Villarreal - Instructional Technology Coordinator – Laredo ISD - Laredo, TX

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