Newsroom recognizes National Bullying Prevention Month

by | Oct 1, 2016 | Events, News

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. In fact, 2016 is the ten-year anniversary of this national campaign which is supported by schools, corporations and celebrities around the country.

Increasingly, bullying is taking place online. More than 80% of teens use a cellphone regularly, making it the most common medium for cyberbullying, and 43% of kids report that they have been bullied online.

To see an infographic about the latest cyberbullying stats, click here. is a national leader in providing instruction in online safety and digital citizenship for K-12 students; our curriculum is used in nearly 1 in 6 districts across the country. Among our lessons, we provide the following guidance to students: when cyberbullying happens, it is important to act:

  • Speak out against it and get an adult involved
  • Make it clear that cyberbullying is wrong
  • Offer support to victims of cyberbullying
  • Be a courageous bystander and take positive actions to stop cruelty

We are proud to stand with so many others in recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month.

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