Frequently Asked Questions

How is the curriculum licensed and what is the cost?

Our curriculum solutions are offered on a per student or per school, annual and multi-year subscription basis. Typically, curriculum is purchased at the district or school level and can range in price based on the number of licences purchased. To request a quote, please fill out the quote request form.

How much instruction time is needed to teach the curriculum?

Instruction time varies depending on the curriculum item. Estimated instruction times for all our curriculum items are listed in our editable pacing calendars and range from as little as 5 minutes to an hour.

The instructional time should also align to your district’s technology instructional goals and how your district wants to implement the curriculum. We have a team of education specialists available to work with districts to help develop technology instructional plans. In addition to our pacing calendars, provides a scope and sequence from which technology plans can be developed and adapted to meet your district’s unique needs.

What devices and operating systems does the curriculum work with?

The curriculum is web based and will work with most internet connected devices including PCs, Macs, Chromebooks & tablets using Windows, Mac OS X and Google Chrome OS. For more detailed information, check out our minimum system requirements.

What type of training and support is offered?

With any curriculum purchase email, chat and phone support is provided at no additional charge, Monday through Friday from 8AM to 8PM EST. We also provide a comprehensive support site with FAQs, videos, planning & how-to guides, pacing calendars and information about updates.

In addition to the services we include with all subscriptions, also provides more in-depth support and training services on a fee basis. These services include dedicated resources for implementation and onboarding, live training, LMS integration assistance, advanced reporting, assistance with customization and other services. Learn more about all our training and support services

How is the curriculum implemented?’s curriculum can be used with students in a computer lab, library, media center, or in a core classroom.  With regard to learning management platforms, curriculum can be implemented within the management Platform or within several other supported LMS platforms including Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, Itslearning and many other LTI compliant solutions.

Does the solution sync with our Student Information System (SIS)?

If you use our curriculum in your own LMS, you will not need to sync our solution with your SIS as the LMS handles that functionality.

If you prefer to use our LMS platform, then syncing with your SIS will make managing our solution easier. We support syncing through Clever.

Can teachers or parents purchase curriculum? solutions are currently sold to schools, school districts and educational institutions. If and when we decide to offer the curriculum at the individual classroom or parent level we will announce it on our website.

Can you provide a list of districts who are currently using your curriculum?

Over 1,200 school districts currently user curriculum so chances are, there is a school district near you. We don’t publish a list of school districts, but you can contact us to request an account rep work with you to provide a local reference. We also have several customer case studies you can read about.

Is the curriculum aligned to instructional standards? If so, which ones?

Yes, our curriculum is aligned to many national, international and state standards including ISTE, CSTA and Common Core state standards to name a few. To learn what standards we specifically align to, we have an interactive map that shows standard alignments down to the state level.

What grade levels is the curriculum used in?

Our curriculum spans Kindergarten through 8th grade and is organized by grade level & essential skill.

Does the curriculum teach specific branded products such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Apple Numbers?

Our Digital Literacy curriculum intentionally does not teach to a particular productivity software package. Our goal is to train students with proper productivity skills and knowledge; and, to teach higher order thinking skills. The pedagogy we use allows students to abstract key concepts so they can apply them in a variety of digital encounters (including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications) they will experience. This is the most effective way to learn skills that can be applied across any productivity application and prepare students for the demands of high school, college, and the workforce.

We recommend that districts have their students use our EasyTech Application Exercises and Inquiry Projects together with the districts productivity software of choice (Microsoft, Google, Apple) to apply what they have learned in EasyTech’s direct instructional content.

What LMS platforms does your curriculum work on? curriculum supports a number of learning management systems. Many customers access, assign and consume the curriculum in’s personalized learning management system but we also support Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, Itslearning and other LTI and Common Cartridge compliant LMS platforms.