Arlington ISD

Texas District Prepares K-8 Students for College and their Future Career Paths

In 2012, Arlington ISD began developing their CTHEI (Career Technology and Higher Education Investigation) course, a year-long program designed to exceed Texas state requirements and to give eighth-grade students an opportunity to both develop 21st century skills and actively investigate career and college paths.

Course designers from Arlington ISD’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Instructional Technology (ITD) departments chose’s EasyTech and Inquiry to power the program. The district used EasyTech to provide students with a blended learning experience, as well as a guide for teachers who had minimal experience with technology in the classroom. As a result of the CTHEI program, Arlington ISD’s graduating eighth graders are prepared for their future with strong 21st century skills, and a four-year plan for college and career.

“We realized that we were bringing on educators who had never integrated technology into their curriculum. EasyTech was a great resource for those teachers to ensure that their students were getting exposed to technology applications and learning the right skills.”

District Name:
Arlington Independent School District

District Size:
65,000 Students

Arlington, Texas

Solutions Utilized:

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