What Makes Coming to Work Great?

We get to work with teachers and administrators that care deeply about students and their future. Their passion inspires us to create great products so we can help them provide their students with the best digital literacy instruction possible.

We Love it Here, and We Think You Might Too.

Our Culture


We encourage all our employees to balance their work/home life and offer generous time off packages so they can spend time with their loved ones.


We provide many professional development opportunities and tuition re-imbursement programs for certification, undergraduate degree, and master’s degree programs.


We love food! Whether it’s potlucks, chili cook offs, or pay day treats, we love to eat and share meals together.

Are You a Good Fit For the Learning.com Team?

We hire creative, fun and dedicated individuals that want to provide the best for schools and students.

What happens next?

Reviewing applications and coordinating schedules can take a little time, but we want to give you a heads up on what you can expect after you apply for a job with Learning.com.

1. You’ve submitted your application and resume – thanks!
You will receive a confirmation email if submission was successful.

2. Your application goes to our hiring team for review.
This may take a few weeks. We receive a lot of applications!

3. Phone interview
If you meet the position requirements and look like a good fit, we will schedule a phone interview with the hiring manager.  This initial phone interview should take around 30 minutes. Be prepared to talk about your work experience and why you want to work for Learning.com.

4. In-person interview
If the phone interview goes well, you will receive an invitation for in-person interviews.  These interviews are typically with several members of the team, the hiring manager, and Human Resources. Interviews can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes to several hours depending on the position. Come prepared to tell us what you know about our company and why we should hire you, to answer questions and to ask questions.  Be yourself!

5. Candidate review
After the in-person interviews, we meet with the interview teams to review the candidates and get the teams’ feedback.

6. A final decision will be made!
ALL applicants will be notified of their status once the position is closed.

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