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Technology Has Changed. Has Your Curriculum Changed With It?

The world students will graduate into will be vastly different from the world we live in today. Your students need to have foundational digital literacy skills starting as early as kindergarten that they can build upon for tomorrow’s success. Digital literacy skills are at the core of ensuring students are equipped for the demands of our tech driven society. The question is – how do you bridge that gap for your students?

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

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Our lessons are delivered online and can be easily accessed anywhere by students and teachers, whenever they need it. Our online platform means it is compatible with whatever hardware is in your classrooms, and is constantly being updated.

Created by Educators

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Our digital literacy solutions were created by educators who understand the challenge of bringing technology curriculum into the classroom. All our lessons have been tested and vetted by teachers, students and administrators in classrooms and districts around the country.

Return on Investment

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Get tangible returns on your education-software investment. Improve your ROI on these investments by ensuring all your students have the digital literacy skills to fully benefit from these tools and devices.

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Digital Literacy

Digital literacy skills are the pillars of a well-rounded education for every student. The ability to interact with technology and effectively use digital tools is as important as learning to read. Our solutions provide the framework, content and the alignment to national and state standards to ensure your students have the skills they need to succeed in our digital world.

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"The rate of technology change means we cannot wait more than five years before rewriting our own curriculum. By implementing curriculum from an outside company, that burden would be lifted off of us."

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Joey Davis - Director of Assessment and Accountability
Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District, CA


Joey Davis - Director of Assessment and Accountability
Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District, CA

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Skills Inventories

Are your students equipped with the digital literacy skills they need to be successful on online assessments? Our solutions provide insight into your students’ current skill level, which is critical for administrators wanting to make informed decisions about introducing digital literacy skills into their curriculum or for districts needing data to apply for funding.

Our skills inventory doesn’t end with students. Teachers who are empowered to teach digital literacy skills will be more effective in the classroom. Set your teachers up for success by understanding areas of concern and creating professional development plans to address skill gaps.

EasyTech in Action

EasyTech is a self-paced digital literacy curriculum for grades K-8. Watch this video to learn how EasyTech can help your students develop and master the technology and computational thinking skills they need for college and career.

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See why more than 2,500 school districts use EasyTech to ensure their students are prepared for success in our increasingly digital world.

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