EasyCode’s Virtual Robotics Program

EasyCode’s virtual robotics curriculum allows students to practice computer programming skills by engaging in a full robotics experience in a more affordable, accessible way.

About Virtual Robotics

Virtual robotics provides an engaging applied learning environment in which students can practice computer programming skills in a virtual environment. Unlike traditional robotics programs that require substantial investment in physical equipment, virtual robotics provides a similar learning experience in a computer-based environment.

This virtual platform allows students to practice and apply significant digital skills, including computer programming, engineering, strategy and problem-solving in a fun, gamified environment.

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Teach students to solve problems using the language of the future

A core K-12 educational curriculum, EasyCode Virtual Robotics, enabled by Learning.com’s partner Robotify, teaches students coding through block-based computer programming.

Now schools and districts can offer an affordable and sustainable full robotics experience for all students.

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.”


Why Choose EasyCode Virtual Robotics

EasyCode helps students learn future-ready skills, including computational thinking, block-based coding, CoffeeScript, Python, game design and more. Our virtual robotics curriculum helps to strengthen and apply computer coding basics in a fun, engaging environment.

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Future-Ready Skills

The best way to teach coding is through robotics. Students can formulate step-by-step sequences to achieve desired outcomes as they design, test and run their code.

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The gamified and virtual environment in EasyCode Virtual Robotics breaks down the walls in our educational environment and is designed for the inclusion of all students.

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EasyCode Virtual Robotics operates fully in-browser, which makes coding and robotics more affordable and more accessible for all students.

Learn More about EasyCode Virtual Robotics

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About EasyCode

EasyCode is a K-12 computer programming learning platform, teaching students critical coding-related skills including computational thinking, algorithms, app development, game design, coding language, strategic thinking and more.

Students will enjoy learning computer coding basics through coding challenges, mini-courses, game design and building, and virtual robotics.

Teachers and administrators love EasyCode because it simplifies the teaching experience.

  • Easy to deploy. EasyCode is a comprehensive digital solution that is easy to deploy on internet-connected computers.
  • Adapts to your classroom. EasyCode is available by content area and grade band. Lessons can be offered in asynchronous delivery to fit your classroom agenda, and easily supports traditional, online, and hybrid environments.
  • Robust scoring and reporting. Simplify the management of your computer programming curriculum with automatic scoring and reporting. EasyCode includes a detailed dashboard where you can see each student’s progress, scores, where they may need additional support, and where they excel.

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