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With California’s adoption of new standards, it became apparent that all students needed improved typing, higher order thinking, and information fluency skills in order to perform well on the computer adaptive Smarter Balanced assessment.

Joey Davis knew that their existing curriculum, which was eight years old and inconsistently implemented, would not suffice, stating: “We are a Google district, and it was written before Google Apps existed.”

Rather than undertaking the daunting task of rewriting – and adequately maintaining and revising the curriculum on an ongoing basis to keep up with the pace of technological change – Davis and his team recognized that using a curriculum provider would alleviate this massive burden.


Davis formed a selection committee of 15 teachers to identify criteria, including embedded opportunities to build students’ creativity and critical thinking abilities, for the new curriculum. Ultimately, the committee selected Learning.com’s EasyTech solution with Davis expressing: “EasyTech had everything we wanted”.

Why EasyTech? Besides aligning to their criteria, the committee liked a multitude of features like the prescriptive typing lessons and digital citizenship activities available to younger students.

Next, they launched their multi-year roll out plan by first focusing on elementary school students. Principals set goals for their schools, and Davis built common sense progression lessons to guide student learning using EasyTech’s custom sequencing tool. Finally, Learning.com led training days onsite and teachers also created support resources for colleagues.

With an aligned curriculum in place, teachers were better prepared to help students meet the state’s new performance expectations.

The rate of technology change means we cannot wait more than five years before rewriting our curriculum. With Learning.com, that burden was lifted off of us.

Joey Davis

Director of Assessment and Accountability

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District
Orange County, California

Joey Davis
Director of Assessment and Accountability