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Accessing, organizing and sharing high-quality digital content is a major source of wasted time and added frustration for administrators and classroom teachers alike. The internet can exacerbate the problem, by providing seemingly endless amounts of information and fewer quality gatekeepers. Our OER Library gives district-wide access to pre-vetted Open Educational Resources and other quality digital content that is already aligned to state and national core learning standards.

A preview of the OER library

Our OER Library:

  • Offers access to a vetted repository of over 14,000 standards-aligned digital resources for grades K-12 in all core subject areas
  • In combination with our Curriculum Publisher and Quiz Builder tools, allows your district to create custom curriculum for all grades, and all core subject areas
  • Includes robust search functionality, making it easy to find content by standard, grade, subject, and item type
  • Can be customized by adding your own district-created resources and third-party content


greater effectiveness when using technology-based learning


of teachers use open resources more than textbooks


of teachers believe that digital technology helps learning

"Having the ability to pick and choose content from a variety of sources is another major strength of digital solutions - one that makes it easy to personalize learning for individual students."

Dr. Philip Lacey - Director of Instructional Technology
Niles Township High School District 219, IL


Dr. Philip Lacey - Director of Instructional Technology
Niles Township High School District 219, IL

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OER Library in Action

Here you will see a social studies teacher search for digital resources about Franklin Roosevelt; then, and a math teacher search by standard to find third grade digital resources about fractions.

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