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As most educators know, many assessments now require students, starting as early as third grade, to write online. Yet, many students in third grade can’t type with proper technique, or without looking down at the keyboard. Our adaptive keyboarding lessons measure existing speed and accuracy, and automatically assigns instruction that adapts to each student’s individual needs.

Our Keyboarding Curriculum:

  • Cover foundational keyboarding concepts like QWERTY hand positioning, basic shortcuts and commands
  • Provide students the structure of daily keyboarding practice which is proven to improve accuracy and speed through lessons, application exercises and quizzes
  • Give students a series of prescriptive pathways that adapt to their individual needs as they complete a combination of keyboarding practices
  • Engage students as they earn badges when they complete formative assessments, exercises, and skill and story challenges with our Adaptive Keyboarding solution
  • Feature updated technology and offer intuitive, role-based user interfaces with a modern design for higher student engagement and ease of use

Explore our Keyboarding Curriculum

Check out our product catalog to see our keyboarding lessons for grades K-8.

Try It Yourself

In this sample Keyboarding lesson for grades K-1, students learn the location of the letters a, b, c, d, and e while also hearing the sounds of these letters.

Sample Lesson Preview

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