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Project-based learning is an effective instructional strategy to help students build deep content understanding, raise academic achievement, and encourage student motivation to learn. While the benefits of using project-based learning are well known, many educators are not sure how to get started. Inquiry empowers teachers with classroom-ready projects, lesson plans, implementation strategies, and a self-paced PD course.

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Our Inquiry Solution:

  • Includes six projects per grade level; two in ELA, two in math, and one each in science and social studies
  • Helps students learn about productivity tools, internet research, multimedia presentations, and online communication
  • Identifies skill gaps with built-in pre-tests that assess the digital literacy skills needed to successfully complete each project
  • Auto-assigns lessons to address gaps and ensure students have the skills needed for projects
  • Provides opportunities for students to evaluate and comment on their learning experience with project reflections

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Sample Inquiry Project

Here is a sample of an eighth-grade math project that helps students learn about using spreadsheets to create personal budgets.

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