Digital Literacy Curriculum

Teaching Digital Natives

Students aren’t born with digital literacy skills. They may be able to play video games and use cell phones, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they understand basic uses, best practices, and safety risks when it comes to technology. So, what is digital literacy? It’s the ability to understand, use and safely interact with technology, media and digital resources in real-world situations.

Give your students the opportunity to excel in our digital world by equipping them with these critical skills – starting as early as kindergarten.


A keyboard highlighting the letters "LEARN", over a blue background

Understanding how to effectively use word processing in real-life situations and master touch-typing are necessary skills for career development and success in school.

Online Safety

A wireframe globe with a padlock in the center, over a yellow background

Equip students with the online safety skills they need to combat cyberbullying, and to determine what information is credible on the internet to make ethical and informed decisions.


A set of gears overlaid on an orange background and surrounded by bits of computer code

Every student should have the opportunity to learn about algorithms, how to make apps, or how the internet works. Arm your students with the skills needed to succeed in the new digital economy.

Tech Apps

A computer monitor showing various icons on-screen, displayed over a green background

Prepare your students for the demands of high school, college, and the workforce by introducing them to applications including spreadsheets, presentations and databases.

A preview of our Inquiry Solution

Take a Project-based Approach to Digital Literacy

We provide a solution perfect for integrating digital literacy skills into core content instruction. Inquiry provides ready-to-go classroom projects that help students learn about productivity tools, internet research, online communication, and more as they work through real-world problems.

A preview of our Inquiry Solution

Integrate Digital Literacy into Your LMS

We save teachers time and allow districts to operate much more efficiently through seamless integration of our digital literacy curriculum with Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas and other widely used learning systems.

A chart showing core aspects of digital literacy: Business Apps, Online Safety/Digital Citizenship, Keyboarding, and Computational Thinking/Coding


With teacher-guided or self-paced digital lessons, EasyTech is the most effective way to teach your students critical digital literacy skills. Students engage with interactive modules that focus on key digital skills such as keyboarding and word processing, online safety, business applications, as well as computational thinking and coding.

EasyTech prepares students with the digital literacy skills they need to be successful in school including research, homework and success on online assessments like PARCC and Smarter Balanced.

EasyTech in Action

EasyTech is a self-paced digital literacy curriculum for grades K-8. Watch this video to learn how EasyTech can help your students develop and master the technology and computational thinking skills they need for college and career.

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