Digital Teachers Create Digital Students

When teachers know a subject well, they’re more confident when they engage students. Technology is no exception. Many teachers still struggle to incorporate technology into their classroom such as interactive whiteboards, multimedia and online documents. WayFind is a technology skills inventory for teachers that provides districts with data to help determine the technology training needed to meet their instructional goals.

A sample report from the WayFind Teacher Assessment

The Wayfind Skills Inventory:

  • Gives teachers a comprehensive score they can evaluate themselves in relation to other teachers in their school, district and nationally
  • Addresses all the ISTE Standards for Teachers with the included Professional Development resource library
  • Offers an optional project portfolio which can be used to further assess teachers’ technology integration skills by creating a sample lesson plan

Sample WayFind Questions

Here you’ll see an educator answers two sample performance-based questions on the WayFind Teacher Skills Inventory.

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