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What is Your District’s Digital Score?

To create an effective digital literacy plan, you must first understand how your students measure up. For many of the districts and schools we partner with, our TechLiteracy Assessment is the first step in evaluating students’ current level of digital knowledge to make data-driven decisions about investing in an appropriate curriculum solution.

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Our TechLiteracy Assessment:

  • Is a timed, online test that serves as a powerful data point for school administrators who are investing in technology education tools
  • Measures elementary and middle school level skills in keyboarding, business applications, telecommunication, databases and digital citizenship
  • Gives educators a full report at the student, classroom, school and district level
  • Combines interactive and performance-based questions to accurately measure student skills
  • Includes a Proficiency Report Graph, which provides a student’s scale score, and compares it to the proficiency standard, the school average, the district average, and the average of all other students who completed the test

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"TechLiteracy Assessment has everything I want in a technology skills assessment tool and more. The pre-assessment, individualized or group prescriptive lessons, post-assessment, reporting features, and friendly customer support are all reasons has proven its worth to my district."

Guillermo A. Villarreal - Instructional Technology Coordinator
Laredo ISD, TX


Guillermo A. Villarreal - Instructional Technology Coordinator
Laredo ISD, TX

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