21st Century Skills Assessment

Are Your Students Ready for the 21st Century?

Success in a digital world requires more than the ability to turn on a computer or use a smart phone. It requires creativity, innovation, communication, critical thinking, digital citizenship, information fluency and other important 21st century skills. Even though most students can interact with apps on their mobile device, they aren’t born with these necessary 21st century skills. Our 21st Century Skills Assessment is aligned with ISTE Standards and gives you the real-time data you need to do what you do best – educate.

An example result from our 21st Century Skills Assessment

Our 21st Century Skills Assessment:

  • Evaluates students on all 24 performance indicators of the ISTE Standards for Students
  • Use pre-and post-tests to pinpoint challenges, inform teaching and measure results
  • Address gaps in student knowledge with optional EasyTech curriculum
  • Includes full reports at the district, school, teacher, class, and student levels

Sample Assessment Questions

In this clip, a student answers two sample performance based questions on the 21st Century Skills Assessment.

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