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The idea of “digital natives” – that modern kids are born with digital proficiency – is a myth. When we provide students with core curriculum but ignore foundational digital literacy skills, we set students up to fall short of the demands of higher education and the workforce. offers a flexible, easy-to-implement solution that teachers can use without any prior technology experience.

A Smarter Investment

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Are you tracking the ROI of your current digital skills solution? Limited budgets at the school-level mean that you need to understand exactly how your investment is affecting digital proficiency in your classrooms. Partner with and increase your school’s educational equity.

Invest in Your School

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Be the change you want to see in your district. Some of our most successful district partnerships started with just one school administrator who was ready to introduce an innovative solution into classrooms.

Effective Tech Tools

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Our online curriculum is easy to use in the classroom, computer lab and even from home! Students can log in from home to complete exercises to make up for low performance or prepare for upcoming lessons. The interactive grade book helps teachers track progress so that students don’t slip through the cracks.

The Challenge of Online Assessments

State assessments like PARCC, Smarter Balanced, and ACT Aspire are frequently being administered online. Data shows, students with strong digital literacy skills often score higher than those with marginal or low digital literacy skills, even if the students with lower skills have a deeper understanding of the subject matter. According to a Gallup survey, over 70% of elementary school teachers felt their students were “not well prepared” for upcoming online tests.

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An example result of the 21st Century Skills Assessment

21st Century Skills Assessment

Test your students’ grasp of critical 21st century skills, including technology operations, information literacy, digital citizenship, critical thinking, decision making, and creativity and innovation to inform instruction.

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Time-saver for Lab or Classroom Teachers

Time-saver for Lab or Classroom Teachers

Implementation and Integration

Implementation and Integration

Improve ROI

Improve ROI

Online Assessments

Online Assessments

“Students use to practice tech skills, and they’re also getting to the higher-order thinking and meaningful discussions.”

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Mary Spiga - Principal
Carteret Middle School, NJ


Mary Spiga - Principal
Carteret Middle School, NJ

“Students use to practice tech skills, and they’re also getting to the higher-order thinking and meaningful discussions.” Learn More
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A preview of the Online Assessments infographic

Online Assessments Infographic

Read some surprising stats about online assessments and learn more about the digital literacy skills students need to be successful with online assessments.

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Help Your Teachers Succeed

Our solutions are built with teachers in mind. That’s why we built in functionality like real-time grading, and offer services like in-person and online training. Our WayFind Teacher Skills Inventory was developed to help teachers succeed in the 21st century classroom. It’s a way of identifying technology skill gaps and targeting professional development opportunities.

Easy Implementation

Introducing new learning platforms and onboarding schools is a huge time and resource strain for districts. When you partner with, we provide a comprehensive implementation plan, customized to your specific needs. Our implementation team will oversee every aspect of integrating your systems, and can provide both onsite and online training to ensure your ramp-up time is as seamless as possible.

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EasyTech in Action

EasyTech is a self-paced digital literacy curriculum for grades K-8. Watch this video to learn how EasyTech can help your students develop and master the technology and computational thinking skills they need for college and career.

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See why more than 2,500 school districts use EasyTech to ensure their students are prepared for success in our increasingly digital world.

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