May 2022 Updates

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Take a look below for more detail about what’s new this month!

Teachers can now create Class Groups in Teacher Center. Groups are helpful if you need to differentiate instruction, separate different skills being taught, or assign Spanish curriculum for any Spanish language learners in your class.

  • Navigate to the Student Tab within a class
  • Click the Create Group button
    Student Tab Create Groups Button
  • Enter the details for your new Group
    Create group details
  • You can access your groups from the left sidebar by clicking the down arrow next to a class that has groups in it.Class Group Navigation

The Library now shows all Digital Skill Tiles at once rather than a carousel so you can easily get to the content you want without having to scroll through.

In the Library, scroll down a little to view all Digital Skill tiles:

Teachers can now see a percentage score in the Gradebook which reflect progress completed for EasyCode Pillars assignments. The score will change as they continue their lesson as it is reflecting progress, for example if they have completed 4 out of 9 items so far, it will show 44%. When they return and finish the other 5 items, it will update to show 100%. 

EasyCode_CodestersCodesters Gradebook Progress