Instructor-Led Training

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Your subscription may include instructor-led training. If you aren’t sure if yours does, ask your contact.

Whether your instruction will be held in the classroom or online remotely, we would love to be your partners in training your teachers on curriculum and tools!

EasyTech (Gr. K-8)

EasyTech is an award-winning comprehensive K-8 digital literacy curriculum that teaches the foundations and develops both technical and cognitive skills. Whether instruction is delivered in person or online, EasyTech can be used in a technology class, library media center, or directly integrated into core subjects.

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This interactive session will share how the district’s new digital literacy curriculum can support educators with the tools to build students’ digital literacy skills such as keyboarding, online safety, word processing, coding and much more.

You’ll explore the interactive EasyTech curriculum, gain hands-on experience in the platform, and be equipped to immediately incorporate technology skills in your daily instruction.

Tech Quest is a new feature that delivers technology skills to K-8 students without requiring teachers to set up and manage classes.
Gamified lessons with immediate feedback engage students and invest them in their growth and skill acquisition.
Students simply login to their account to access the automatically assigned sequence and begin having fun with our award-winning curriculum!

Get ready to deep dive and engage your students with curriculum types beyond lessons, including your own custom curriculum items to meet student needs. Find out how to monitor your student’s progress with detailed reports and gradebook features! Explore new product updates and features in for the 20/21 school year.’s integration with Google Classroom allows you to easily incorporate digital skills instruction into your everyday teaching while removing barriers such as managing multiple logins and navigating different platforms.

In this training, you will learn how to access our digital catalog library and grade level pacing calendars, practice assigning EasyTech curriculum items through Google Classroom, and explore how it allows for grade pass-back for auto-scored content, making it easy to keep grades consolidated in one location without extra effort.


Coding programs contain interactive and game-based lessons that cultivate students’ coding, computational thinking and computer science prowess. Click to see training descriptions.

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Suite includes: CodeMonkey Jr Gr. K-1, Beaver Achiever Gr. 1-2, Coding Adventure Gr. 3-8, Teacher Course, and Teacher Resources.

EasyCode Foundations introduces students to coding through a game-based environment where students learn by solving challenges. Once their coding skills are mastered, students apply them to build their own apps and games. With the help of detailed lesson plans and interactive resources, any teacher can confidently help their students learn the basics of coding, even if they have no prior experience with this subject.

Suite includes: Intro to Python, Intro to Python 1,2, & 3, Intro to Game Design, Certification Prep Course, and Teacher Resources.

EasyCode Pillars is an interactive curriculum that helps students—typically starting in grade 6—learn key coding principles using Python, an industry-leading programming language. In each lesson, students complete a project through a series of activities that include coding challenges, debugging practice, and quizzes. Each lesson ends with an additional coding exercise in which students create their own project applying the skills learned.

The three CoderZ courses cover: basics of robotics and coding, programming skills, solving hands-on STEM problems through codes, math, and engineering.

CoderZ is a powerful, award-winning online platform through which students learn valuable STEM skills such as coding, robotics, and physical computing. Students will even have the opportunity to code a virtual robot! The programs are highly flexible and designed for use in the classroom or through a wide range of remote learning environments.  

Your school and/or district’s success in implementation is a top priority for us. We want you to get the greatest benefit possible from the investment you’ve made in our curriculum and tools. Whether your staff is made up of emerging technology users or technology integration experts, we will do everything we can to meet your needs for maximum impact on student growth.