April 2022 Updates


You asked, and we delivered! This month you’ll find more functionality to Class Groups, Gradebook, and Standard Searches. And as always, we’ve got new learning items for your students!

Note: Right now, this only applies to groups that have already been created in the Original Platform. The ability to create groups from Teacher Center will be coming soon.

Teachers can now enroll students, assign curriculum, and adjust settings for their Class Groups:

From the Teacher Center Classes page, navigate to a group within a class.

Enroll Students:Group Enroll Students

  • On the Students Tab, click Add Students.
  • Only students who are currently in the main class will be displayed, select the students you want to enroll.
  • Click Save Enrollment.

Assign Curriculum:Group Assign Curriculum

  • On the Assignments Tab, click the Assign Curriculum to Your Class or Add Assignments button to be taken to the Library.
  • Find the items you want to assign in the Library and click Assign.
  • The pop-up will be defaulted to the group you were in, but you can see in the dropdown that it allows you to select class/group.
  • Click Assign.

Adjust Settings:Group Settings

  • View the Group Settings Tab
  • You can now adjust the following items independent of the Class Settings:
    • Group Name
    • Active Status
    • Assignment Sequence: Open or Forced
    • Minimum Score
  • The following settings cannot be added or changed from within a group and must be done so at the class level:
      • Tech Quest
      • Co-Teachers

You can now view and print your Class Roster, Login Cards, and Student Detail Report from the Actions Button Dropdown.

From the Teacher Center Classes page, navigate to a class and view the Student Tab. Click the Actions button to reveal the dropdown options:

Student Tab Actions Button

Teachers can now reset items in gradebook which deletes the score and re-opens the item so students can take it again.

Reset Item

  • In the Gradebook Tab of a Class, click on the score cell in the Gradebook.
  • In the pop-up click the Delete button
  • It will remove the score and the word ‘Reopened’ will populate the cell instead.
  • Students will now be able to retake the item and earn a different score.

Note: This function does NOT work in the Tech Quest Dashboard, only the Class Gradebook for items assigned by the teacher

Note: If you click on a score and the pop-up invites you to ‘Launch Item Dashboard’ — you must reset/reopen the item through the dashboard, not through the Gradebook.

Teachers can now search by standard all the way down to the version number so that they can see all of the curriculum that adheres to that specific standard.

  • In Library’s left sidebar, select Search by Standard.
  • You can now breakdown your search all the way to sub-strand for eligible standards.

Now available is the second lesson of our 2nd Grade Cyberbullying module. 

Students will continue their journey with Truman and Poppy as they learn how to tackle cyberbullying.

Shellphone Pt. 2

To access and assign the new video lesson, view the Library and select the Online Safety and Digital Citizenship Tile under EasyTech. Find this new item, Cyberbullying: The Legendary Shellphone Part 2 – Level 2, in the 2nd Grade unit:Library View

The rest of the items to complete this module will be coming soon!