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What Happens After Onboarding?

Onboarding training is crucial to success, but only if there’s follow through. Use these tips to ensure a new program is best utilized to maximize the return on investment.

ISTE: Easy Ideas for Educators to Strengthen Core Instruction

While it is clear that students need digital literacy to be successful in school and future careers, the challenge is finding effective ways to make sure students are receiving the tech skills they need to excel in the digital world. This year at ISTE, we asked educators visiting our booth to write down creative and easy ways they are integrating critical digital literacy skills such as keyboarding, online safety, productivity tools, and coding into core subject instruction.

The Best Coding Curriculum Includes These 5 Elements

Here are five key elements that are found in the best coding curriculum on the market today. By introducing students to coding concepts early, you can help them build the skills they need to be successful in school, college, and future careers.

Maximizing Technology at Liberty-Eylau ISD

For District Instructional Technology Coordinator, Stormy Cullum, being collaborative was a successful way to strategize teachers, resources, and school spaces to teach digital literacy at her district. Awards Digital Literacy Superheroes in Teacher Appreciation Contest celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week 2018 by recognizing digital literacy teachers across the country in a special contest that honored educators who teach technology. Winners have been announced and will receive a year-long classroom subscription to’s award-winning digital literacy curriculum.

Cyberbullying Prevention Requires Everyone’s Involvement

Cyberbullying is no longer confined to one space, it’s happening at home and in school, with access to the internet at student fingertips. Here are some tips on how to get started with an online safety and cyberbullying prevention plan.

The Benefits of Google Classroom Integration

Gone are the days where only technology teachers or librarians were responsible for teaching digital literacy skills. By making curriculum accessible to teachers and students in their Google Classroom courses, teachers of any subject can easily incorporate digital literacy education into their classroom lesson plans, in the computer lab, or in a hybrid of both.

Teachers Have a Daily Impact on Students’ Lives

When Teacher Appreciation Week rolls around every year, I can’t help but reminisce about my own teachers. When I think about the educators that made the most impact on me, I reflect on why they were so important. The reason that always comes to mind is the personal...

Take Your Child to Work Day 2018

Last month, took part in the nation-wide Take Your Child to Work Day celebration with a day full fun and excitement around the office.

Around ASCD

Last month, some of the team joined educators from around the globe at the ASCD Empower18 Conference in Boston, MA.

Do You Know Your School Librarian?

The role of the school librarian has evolved due to the changing needs of their customers (students, teachers and administrators); the availability of resources in the libraries they work in; and the advancements of technology. Today’s school librarians are our specialists in information technology.

Women in Tech at

Learn more about the amazing group of women in tech working at, and check out some of the distinctive roles they play in developing digital literacy software for K-8 students.

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