Our Top 3 Moments from TCEA 2017

by | Feb 14, 2017 | News

TCEA is always a fun conference for the team to attend because we get to meet new educators, see plenty of familiar faces, and spend a week in Austin, TX! This year was no exception as we escaped the rain and cold temperatures in Oregon to get some much needed sunshine. We’ve returned to Oregon with a new energy and excitement for what this year holds.

Here Are Our Top 3 Moments of TCEA 2017:

  1. Educators are excited about coding and so are their students!
An info session at the booth

Booth info sessions on our new coding solution and computational thinking lessons were packed! We heard a similar story from many different educators: students who may struggle in other subject areas have come alive while doing coding lessons.


2. Digital literacy is critical and something we can all believe in.


Selected Tweets Screenshot

We loved seeing so many engaging tweets using #dl4all for our Twitter contest during the show.


3. Closing keynote speaker Nadia Lopez, Principal at Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn, helped us all realize the “power of you”!


A photo from the presentation.

Ms. Lopez’ presentation was inspiring and energizing. Her message was clear for today’s educators: make the most of what you have and don’t try to go it alone… “your network is your net worth!”

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