The Hearts of Texas

by | Nov 22, 2017 | News

On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall near the Texas Gulf Coast. After moving through southeast Texas, it caused massive flooding and destruction. The days and weeks following Hurricane Harvey presented what seemed like overwhelming challenges for Texas schools affected by this monumental storm.

Winds of 130 mph, combined with an unprecedented rainfall of 60 inches in some areas, brought devastating results to many schools and communities. Overall, 33 Texas counties sustained damage from Hurricane Harvey. As an Account Executive, I’ve worked with Texas districts for over 15 years and the stories I heard following Hurricane Harvey have been nothing short of inspiring.

Preparing for the Unknown

Immediately before Hurricane Harvey hit, district and school personnel scrambled to protect structures as much as possible; inform their communities of the potential impacts of the storm; and put protocols in place for post-storm communication. District websites and social media accounts were used to share news and updates across communities.

A Community United

Volunteers and district staff organized quickly, moving and consolidating campuses where needed, re-arranging and completely overhauling complex district transportation routes to make sure students could get to school. In some cases, churches invited schools to hold classes in their space, for as long as needed. Even with the historic flooding and damage to neighborhoods and schools, many schools opened on time, and the remainders within one or two weeks.

The Road to Recovery

Rebuilding will be a long process, but the stories that surfaced in response to Harvey left those of us on the outside incredibly proud of the perseverance of our neighbors. has longstanding partnerships with many affected districts in Texas and showed support by hosting a blood drive and fundraising for the American Red Cross. We are proud to serve, support, and partner with many districts in Texas and are inspired by the response of the community in Texas. It has been nearly three months since Hurricane Harvey hit and while some schools have gotten back to serving students, there are still needs in the community.

Consider donating to the American Red Cross or Save the Children to help support these communities as they recover.

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