Teachers Have a Daily Impact on Students’ Lives

by | May 7, 2018 | News

When Teacher Appreciation Week rolls around every year, I can’t help but reminisce about my own teachers. When I think about the educators that made the most impact on me, I reflect on why they were so important. The reason that always comes to mind is the personal connection they made with me.

When I later became a teacher, it was important to me to carry over that effort to personally connect with students in my own classroom. Class time was not just about academics, but it was also about relationship building – all year long. During classroom lessons, I tried to tie what we were learning to my students’ personal lives and talked about the material making relatable connections to my own life as well.

Ways to Show Teachers Your Appreciation

Teachers work hard all year, and Teacher Appreciation Week is a great reminder to take time and thank the teachers around us. Here are some ways that you can show your appreciation, not only this week, but throughout the entire year.

  1. Say or Send it: Teachers want to hear from their students and former students, as well as from former parents. Ask room parents to collect the notes and present them in a special box or jar. A handwritten note would be great, but an email would work as well.
  2. Extended Lunch or Planning Period: What teachers value most is time. Have classes covered by parent volunteers.
  3. Memory Book: Ask students to illustrate their favorite moment of the school year. Have a volunteer or room parent collect the drawings and place them in a keepsake album or binder, or make a digital version in PowerPoint or Google Slides.
  4. FlipGrid or Video of Thanks: Ask a volunteer with video skills to capture students thanking their teacher.
  5. Applause Parade: Have students line up in the hallway and clap and celebrate their teachers as they enter the building. Have students create posters of thank you notes to hold and display.
  6. Thank-You Announcements: Have one or two students from each class join the morning announcements (perhaps do five to ten classes each day) to say one nice thing about their teacher.
  7. Student Notes: Have students each write a handwritten note about what makes their teacher special. Ask room parents to collect the notes and present them in a special box or jar.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week from May 7-11 administrators have an opportunity to nominate their teachers that go above and beyond! Nominate an outstanding teacher at your school for a chance to win a 1-year subscription to’s award-winning digital literacy curriculum, EasyTech.

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