Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day!

by | May 9, 2017 | News

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day. We at are honored to recognize the incredible efforts of our nation’s teachers!

I grew up in a family of educators, so the commitment that teachers make is a very personal matter for me. Both of my parents were school teachers and many others in my family worked in education. I wanted a different career path and went off to graduate school to get an MBA, earning me the title of “black sheep” in the family. But, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, because I’ve now worked in online education for the past 20 years. My oldest son works in youth services with middle-school students and my younger son is currently in college working towards an education major.

Growing up, I saw firsthand the hard work and dedication it took to be a teacher. I have many memories of my parents working late into the night, sitting at the dinner table creating lesson plans or grading papers. They also took outside jobs in addition to teaching full time to help make ends meet for our family. My mother taught evening courses at the local community college and my father worked construction and manufacturing jobs. He also played in a band, but I think he would’ve done that even without getting paid.

Though my parents both made many sacrifices to be teachers, they also experienced great rewards. I heard many stories of my parents’ former students coming back to school and thanking them for the difference they had made in their lives. These moments always filled my parents with pride and joy.

A quote about teaching that I love is “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire”. Every day teachers around the world inspire their students, challenge them, and help prepare them to be successful in learning and in life.

At, we know teachers are so busy and stretched, so we strive to ensure all our products, lessons plans, and support materials are designed to save teachers time. Thank you, teachers, from all of us, for your commitment to your students and for the valuable work you do in your community.

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