Finding the Right Keyboarding Solution

by | Apr 24, 2018 | News

Last week, we discussed how significantly keyboarding instruction has evolved and what your curriculum should include to ensure your students are prepared for success in developing good technique, accuracy and speed. This week, we’ll walk through the important elements that your solution should include. Use it as a comprehensive checklist to be sure you are accessing a keyboarding curriculum that incorporates features that will best benefit your students and teachers.

Whether you’re building your own keyboarding curriculum, using free resources online or looking to purchase a keyboarding solution, it’s important to ensure your solution does the following:

  • Focuses on developing good technique
  • Presents visual cues for proper ergonomics and finger placement
  • Adapts instruction, yielding immediate benefits to student learning
  • Provides keystroke analysis for student strengths and areas of improvement
  • Uses evidence of current progress to actively manage and adjust student learning
  • Appeals to the multiple styles of learning
  • Offers a modern, gamified design to make learning fun
  • Promotes and maintains disciplined habits for students’ logarithmic learning
  • Features guided practices to watch while students work on their typing

Evaluating keyboarding solutions against these criteria will help you determine if that solution will provide the most advantages for your students and teachers.

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