Do You Know Your School Librarian?

by | Apr 3, 2018 | News

More Than Meets the Eye

Librarians have been around for years helping us in our school and local libraries. In the past, they were a trusted source for teaching us how to use the Dewey Decimal System to find the right book; introducing us to authors, literary genres, and publications that we might like; making sure we learn the process of conducting good research and taking on other related roles and behind the scenes activities many of us are not even aware of. Simply put, there is so much more to your librarian than meets the eye. Did you know…

  • Most librarians have a Master of Library and Information Science (MLS) degree and often hold other specialized professional certifications as well
  • Librarians represent specialty areas based on the type of people and library they service—from children to adults and from schools to the public, their niches are diverse
  • School librarians have job titles that often identify the groups they work with or the special skills they possess, and some are now called a Library Media Specialist
  • Your school librarian can be one of the best resources you have in the school

Specialists in Information Technology

Over time, the role of the school librarian has evolved due to the changing needs of their customers (students, teachers and administrators); the availability of resources in the libraries they work in; and the advancements of technology. Your school librarian is there to help you and your students, but don’t be surprised if the tools they use now have changed. The ways your school librarian can help you has far surpassed the boundaries of brick and mortar buildings, book shelves, and card catalogs. Today’s school librarians are our specialists in information technology which means they lead the charge when you need:

  • To be introduced to new technology devices, software and websites while helping you integrate technology into your core curriculum area instruction
  • Collaboration to create technology infused activities and lessons for your classroom
  • Reinforcement of digital literacy skills with your students during library visits
  • Great resources on how to utilize online databases to find just the right materials to support instruction
  • An important support system as you want to try something new with technology

Teachers by Nature

Today’s students need to be digitally literate and need to learn how to become independent learners for the future. School librarians are teachers by nature, so ask them to help you take student learning even farther. They truly are the perfect co-educator to assist with:

  • Teaching students how to locate the best digital and print resources to meet their learning needs
  • Teaching students how to evaluate digital sources that they encounter
  • Teaching students about the importance of intellectual property rights

Your school librarian is just the person to help you in preparing students for a bright, digitally literate future.

Download this customizable certificate of appreciation for your school’s library staff! Librarians can also download the 12 Essential Digital Literacy Skills School Librarians Can Help Students Use poster to display in their library.

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